Susie Vrobel: Etchings - Woodcuts - Drawings

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Susie Vrobel Burg Friedberg Schoolyard Etching Watermarked

Burg Friedberg - Schoolyard - Etching 2016. Unicum. Private Collection, Germany.

Susie Vrobel Burg Friedberg View to the West - Dicker Turm - Etching 2016

Burg Friedberg- View to the West - Dicker Turm - Etching 2016. 2 copies, Private collections, Germany.

susie vrobel portrait barry may 88

Portrait Barry, Kassel May 1988. Charcoal on paper 40x60cm. Private collection, Germany.

susie vrobel pissy weather black

Pissy Weather 1, Linocut print, 24x18cm, 1988.

susie vrobel pissy weather white

Pissy Weather 2 Linocut print, 24x18cm, 1988.